With Barclays ATM Cash Deposit, you can deposit money at any hour of the day without ever setting foot in a branch – whether it’s to credit your own or someone else’s account. You’ll have immediate access to your money and can perform the transaction with or without a debit card.

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Cardless ATM Cash Deposit step by step guide
  • Select cardless services
  • Select  language, i.e. English/Kiswahili
  • Select Cash Deposit Option
  • Agree to the disclaimer regarding the deposit
  • Enter the account number without putting the first 0. For example, if the account is 015 1040896 or 001 1040896 then enter 151040896 or 011040896
  • Enter the deposit reference number, for example, your phone number
  • Place notes in the shutter (maximum of 40 notes at a time)
  • Confirm account number and total valid amount
  • Accept the transaction
  • ATM issues receipt to the customer and transaction ends
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  • Time saving – as you don’t have to queue in branches to do an OTC deposit
  • Convenient – it can be done at any time 
  • The service is free of charge
  • There is no daily limit
  • ATMs are available anytime of the day

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