We can help you source all your foreign currency without any hassle. We also ensure you choose the right product or solution to suit your international transacting needs.

Build or Improve Credit Card
Spot foreign exchange

You or your company do not need to have a bank account with us to get this solution.

Build or Improve Credit Card
Forward foreign exchange

Eliminate the risk of currency fluctuations with our forward foreign exchange solution.

Build or Improve Credit Card
Derivative products

Hedge foreign exchange risk with our derivative products.

foreign exchange

For immediate foreign currency needs

A spot deal is an agreement between us and our customer for the sale/purchase of a specific amount of foreign currency at a specified exchange rate for delivery in two working days.


Deals can be booked in any two of 16 currencies.


With no minimum deal value, your business has the flexibility to exchange any foreign currency that you need.

No surprises

No separate commission fees. The cost of the deal is determined by the exchange rate applicable to that transaction.

foreign exchange

Manage foreign exchange risk

A forward exchange contract rate is based on the prevailing spot rate, plus or minus a premium or discount, which is determined by the interest rate differential between the two currencies involved.

Safe and easy

It is a simple way to manage foreign exchange risk.

Plan ahead

Forward foreign exchange contracts give customers the ability to fix a future currency exchange at a fixed rate.

foreign exchange

Simple forex risk management solutions

Risk management solutions, which serve to mitigate commodity price, interest rate and foreign exchange rate risks.

Foreign currency derivatives

Used for currency speculation and arbitrage or for hedging Forex risk.

Interest rate derivatives

Utilised to either hedge or speculate on the movement of interest rates.

Commodity derivatives

Financial instruments whose value depend on that of commodities, such as grains, energy or metals.

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