‘Kijana Ibuka’ is a programme partnership with Restless Development – It’s a program targeted to scale up and provide on-the-ground and ICT enabled solutions to support young people to understand, start up and grow successful youth-led micro-enterprises in Tanzania. The programme is currently run in the Mbeya region and the project aims to reach 480 youths through 32 youth entrepreneurship groups.

‘Stictch x Stich’ is a programme partnership with Baylor International, targeting young youths affected with AIDS to upskill and train them in entrepreneurship skills. 780 beneficiaries in one year and will be implemented in Mbeya and Mwanza regions.

‘Kijana Jiajiri’ is a youth entrepreneurship programme in Morogoro, targeting 325 young entrepreneurs and to create 125 jobs by the end of 2016.

Our initiatives 

  • Baylor Teen Club

    The Baylor College of medicine is an NGO working in collaboration with the Government of Tanzania, through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Baylor impacts the lives of the most vulnerable HIV/AIDS infected youth. They work with them and deliver the financial, life and enterprise skills. Barclays Tanzania has partnered with them to deliver the skills to the youth.

  • Nkwamira Sustainable Life Centre

    Nkwamira is an NGO that works with out-of-school youth, and runs Empowerment Programmes, which aims at bringing youth of ages between 15 and 35 in the regions of Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Dodoma, Mbeya, Iringa and Zanzibar. In Dar es Salaam, which will also be the pilot region, the project will enroll 60 participants through a competitive process, where youth will sit through a series of aptitude tests to ascertain their levels of understanding of the subject matters and be able to group them based on their areas of interest. In the rest of the regions, the project will enroll 40 per region.

    The project will run under three-phase incubation programmes at centers, which will run for a period of three weeks consecutively. The project will mainly address issues of how to start up and manage a small business, how to write business proposal, how to do simple accounting and financial management for small businesses, general life skills, management skills and how to write reports and keep records, which is essential for loans applications to support their businesses and expansion.

  • Step Ahead Campaign – raising funds towards maternal and child health (MDGs 2015)

    Barclays Step Ahead, is a platform for our Company to highlight its commitment to its Colleagues and the Communities within which we operate, thereby enabling economic growth and enhancing our reputation with our Customers and all stakeholders. In 2011, the Step Ahead Campaign was rolled out and we managed to raise TZS130 million (£45, 000) towards maternal and child health. The Step Ahead Campaign will continue for the next three years and our aim is to mobilise funding towards key initiatives and supporting the MDGs 2015 towards maternal and child Health.

    This year our aim is to raise TZS300 million in cash and in kind.

    We had a very successful walk on June 8th 2013 at the Golden Tulip Hotel, which had over 1000 attendees.

  • Junior Achievement

    Junior Achievement, is another community initiative that facilitates enterprise skills. The Junior Achievement programme is a worldwide initiative that develops the youth and has now extended its programmes to out-of-school youth to assist them with additional training, start up capital, etc.

  • Banking on Change

    Banking on Change in Tanzania has brought a lot of development to young entrepreneurs by looking at solutions that can help normal Tanzanians save and also get a loan. There are several financial inclusions in this project like the Input Marketing Associations (IMAs).

    Barclays Tanzania has played a major role also in mobilising the Village Savings Loans Associations (VSLAs) which enables the community involved in Banking on Change to save and also get loans to drive their personal development. Barclays, in partnership with CARE and Plan, is working to strengthen the livelihood security of 60,000 households in Kisarawe, Kibaha, Ifakara, Dar, Urban, Mwanza and Geita in Tanzania.

    The Banking on Change project, a three-year global community investment programme, is aimed at improving the quality of life of around 400,000 disadvantaged people by developing and extending access to basic financial services. The project is said to combine social benefits with business benefits, because the financial products and services provided have the potential to be scaled up and delivered as part of Barclays' product portfolio

    In Tanzania so far 1,800 groups have been formed benefiting over 43,000 individuals. As of December last year, these groups were tracking close to 2 million dollars in both savings and loans issued. Banking on Change has now exceeded its three year outreach and group formation targets. As of 31 March 2012, the programme had reached 435,181 individual members and facilitated the creation of 21,178 savings groups. The initial three year targets planned to form 18,322 savings groups and reach 383,963 individuals

  • MADD and Colleague Volunteerism

    Make a Difference Day is aimed at encouraging employees to give their time and involved in their local communities. Colleague Volunteerism plays a significant role in driving the Bank's community agenda. Colleagues are encouraged to focus on the skills development (Life, Financial and Enterprise Skills).

  • 2016 Initiatives

    Barclays Bank has an ambition citizenship agenda. Citizenship is one of the Bank's key performance drivers. The focus for Barclays Bank Tanzania is in the following areas:

    • Education and skills: we will provide skills development to support employability and self-employability, as well as facilitate access to quality education to deepen knowledge and build skills for the next generation
    • Enterprise development: we offer innovative financial solutions and business development support services to small and medium businesses to nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow
    • Financial inclusion: we enable digital and non-digital access to underserved consumers through real banking and value-add products and services to promote wider, convenient access to financial services

    1. Education Skills

    2. Financial Inclusion

    3. Enterprise Development

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