Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Loan Amount
Up to 80 Million

Loan Term
From 6 to 60 months of convenient equal monthly instalment

Debt-Service Ratio
Up to 55% of gross monthly salary

Interest Rate

Open Barclays Salary Account for monthly salary

Salary Segmentations:

Personal Segment:

Salary: 200,000/= - 2,000,000/=
Max Amount: 35,000,000.00
Instalment Value: 858,759.88
Term: 5 years
DSR: 50%
Interest Rate: 22%

Prestige Segment:

Salary: 2,000,001/= - 6,000,000/=
Max Amount: 70,000,000.00
Instalment Value: 1,717,519.75
Term: 5 years
DSR: 50%
Interest Rate: 22%

Premier segment:

Salary: 6,000,000/= - and above
Max Amount: 80,000,000.00
Instalment Value: 1,962,879.72
Term: 5 years
DSR: 50%
Interest Rate: 22%

Employer Benefits:

  • Enhances Company’s standing through a customised offering unique to your employees
  • Minimises workforce disruption as accounts are processed at your premises
  • Helps achieve improved staff satisfaction, thereby enabling your Company to become an employer of choice
  • Wages/salaries are paid electronically directly to the employee salary account, therefore maximizing productivity as they do not need to deposit cheques or cash during working hours
  • Eliminates the security risk associated with keeping cash on site to pay employees
  • The Bank takes over the employee loan book, minimising administrative functions and improving cash flow for the employer
  • Enhances your organisation’s benefits package for your employees
  • Comes at no extra cost to you as an employer

Minimum requirements to enrol for Barclays Loans

  • Minimum of 30 employees
  • Minimum Staff salary of 250,000/=
  • Sign Barclays Direct Agreement
  • Distribute Barclays Loan offer to Staff
  • Allow Access of Barclays Team to you
  • company’s employees

Benefits and privileges of Barclays Loans

  • A complimentary balance builds up period of 6 months.
  • Dedicated RMs and service teams.
  • Fast track processing through our entire branch network.
  • Free Platinum Debit Card.
  • Free Internet Banking
  • Free Hello money (mobile Banking)
  • Priority Pass membership giving you access to 600 airport lounges worldwide.
  • A host of rewards & privileges program with our pre-approved partners.
  • Embossed Platinum Credit Card
  • Dedicated Premier Centres
  • No minimum balance required.
  • Free Black Debit Card.
  • Preferential rates on savings and loans.
  • Dedicated Prestige Centre for exclusive
  • Credit Card opportunity
  • Extended banking hours
  • Free sms alert

Funeral Expense Cover

  • Funeral Expense Benefit provided to spouse or principal member’s genuine beneficiary in the event of death*

Retrenchment Cover

  • Retrenchments cover of up to two months instalments when customer looses employment*

*Terms and Conditions Apply