Bonus Savings Campaign

Bonus Savings Account

Bonus Savings Account

Double your deposit and earn double interest, up to 10%, with our Bonus Savings Account and get more for the things that matter most. This savings account allows you to earn a bonus interest payment in addition to the ordinary interest if you do not withdraw more than once within a given quarter. It is available in TZS only

What are the benefits of the Bonus Saving Account?

  • The interest on the account is calculated daily and credited quarterly
  • The more money you save, the higher the interest you earn as we tier our interest rate
  • Bonus interest – you earn interest on interest
  • Account reconciliation through monthly statements
  • Account monitoring through SMS alerts will notify you of all transactions taking place on the account
  • The bonus interest awarded will be the same to the ordinary interest earned

Features of the Bonus Saving Account:

  • A minimum amount of TZS 20 000 is required to open the Bonus Savings Account. This is also the required minimum balance to keep the account open
  • You can make as many deposits as you like through branches, ATMs, wallet to bank or funds transfer from another bank
  • You should not withdraw more than once within a given quarter to qualify for the bonus interest in addition to the ordinary interest that you receive
  • You are entitled to a debit card that can only be used for ID and Verification purposes and not at the ATM
  • The account gives you access to Hello Money (Mobile Banking) and Internet Banking.

It only requires the following to open your Bonus Savings Account:

  • Minimum opening deposit of TZS20,000.00
  • Any of the following ID:
  • National ID card, driver’s licence, voter’s registration card or passport (Non-citizens – passport and resident / work permit)
  • Proof of residential address – utility bill, letter from ward executive.